[PROGRESS] vWii 3 core support open discussion

This morning I noticed that over at GBAtemp that homebrew coder Maxternal had opened a thread detailing his attempts at implementing Marcans latest info on hacking the WiiU.

I just thought I’d make a place where everyone who knows anything about this can contribute and compare notes with discoveries, code snipets, further detail on the process, etc. and something that can eventually evolve into a guide for programmers who want to add 3-core support to their programs.

I’ll start with what little I’ve found / come up with so far (Haven’t had much time so if it seems too limited, don’t complain about it, just add to it :) ) :

<snipped: view it at the source>

One of the things I don’t get here is what the new_l2cr means. I can’t tell if it’s a register he didn’t provide the number for or just a pseudo-variable he’s using for convenience.

Now, after this, since I didn’t know what to do with the “standard, boring initialization” parts so I looked around and found this
which shows a compilable code sample of how to init an PowerPC processor from scratch on an embedded device (and I think a game console qualifies) so I figure you’d just add make a slight adjustment to that with the per-core code that Marcan provided.

a nice, basic, little tutorial on PowerPC assembly at WiiBrew : http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Assembler_Tutorial

… anyway, that’s as far as I’ve gotten so far. Post any further information you get and I’ll try to add it here to OP when I get time. I still haven’t written even basic code version of Marcan’s description of running through the 1-200 title to get the option of having the other cores unlocked. For me the real trick would be moving over to ARM and them moving back to PPC for the above initialization without the 1-200 overwriting my code while it does it’s thing.

Its a start, and a very promising one at that with none other than Comex helping out, and the very real possibility of Marcan himself chipping in every now and then.

Also mentioned in the thread is the news that Wii/GC Linux has been recently updated to kernal 3: https://github.com/DeltaResero/GC-Wii-Linux-Kernel-3.0.y

Take a look at his thread here: http://gbatemp.net/threads/coding-vwii-3-core-support-everything-you-need-to-know.347626/ and if you have anything to contribute please do sign up and help out.

Source: gbatemp