PSA: WiiU FW 5.5.2 released!

This is just a short PSA to inform everyone that Nintendo have sneakily released a new FW for the dead WiiU. I dont know when they did it, but a quick look at other sites it seems they did it a few days ago.


So if youre a stupid bastard like me, and havent blocked updates properly(cause, y’know, dead console, theyre not gonna release any new FW… *cough*), DO IT NOW.

The update doesnt seem to ‘activate’ until you try to start a game (BotW in my case), giving you some leeway to block updates before its too late. I was lucky as fk and managed to get past it by force-shutting down the console.


A point I should make is that my WiiU is not “perma-hacked”, and still relies on webkit/online exploit, hence the worst thing that wouldve happen is that I wouldnt be able to use it anymore.

BUT! If your WiiU is perma-hacked, theres a good chance it will completely brick should this update start installing.

I dont know whats been patched, but its fair to assume the webkit is one thing theyve patched.


Im fairly sure most of you were already aware of this sneaky update and/or have updates blocked already. But hey, maybe there is one person lurking here who have the WiiU stored in a box somewhere, and at some point just wants to play a game without any thought about blocking updates first/again…. Like me….. :tw_weary:


For more information and help, visit the forum thread by visiting the link below:
PSA: WiiU FW 5.5.2 released!

  • flowpy

    If you have haxchi, just keep the DNS, it WON’T brick your wii U. only the webkit exploit is patched by nintendo.
    Maybe you can use NNUPATCHER to go on eshop (like as spooffed) and buy a DS game to be able to install haxchi!!

  • pangster

    5.5.2 has now been hacked.. don’t worry!! LOL!

  • Droned Out! R/C

    I updated from 5.5.1U and I had no issues with my mod.