[Released] 3DS Decryption Key Generator

Team Fail have released a nice little application for generating decryption keys, here is a quote from the source:

Quote:So, I saw this information on an irc chat one day, that apparently the leaked SDK’s makerom has information on how to decrypt roms, or at least obtain the keys, and I decided to further it with some of my own rom dumps for testing purposes, as well. What this application does, is generates keys for the different rom partitions (romfs, exefs, and exheader). It’s 100% legitimate.

Simply open your 3DS or 3DZ (I need confirmation on this format, as I cannot dump them at this time) rom, and choose a key type, then press “Get Key!”. It’ll appear in the box below, and you can also choose to save the keys to a text file after you’ve generated them. It’s stupidly simple.

As of now, the keys do not have any practical use, but it’s a step closer to rom hacking on the 3DS.


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