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BootAnim9 v0.4

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Wolfvak has updated BootAnim9 to version 0.4, here is a description of the application, followed by whats new in this version:





Basically, it’s an ARM9 payload for Arm9Loaderhax which loads a random animation from your SD card, plays it back and then loads (‘chainloads’) another payload. What does this other payload have to be? Whatever you want it to be, ReiNAND, AuReiNAND, CakesFW, Decrpyt9, GodMode9, etc.





Now with 100% extra randomness!


Selects an animation at random, the layout is the same as before but rather than being in the anim directory, you create directories ‘0’ ‘1’ … ‘9’ and place the animation files inside them.


Also made some bugfixes, hopefully this works fine for everyone.
Finally out of alpha!


The ‘BootAnim9.zip’ includes animation examples, which are some of the ones I’m currently using.
The ‘arm9loaderhax.zip’ only includes the BootAnim9 payload, you’ll have to provide your own animations or fix the file layout to match the new one. Should be as easy as making a folder called 0 and moving everything inside of it.



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    Developer: Wolfvak
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    Source: https://github.com/Wolfvak/BootAnim9