[Released] CATSFC Version 1.14

If you have a Nintendo DS and a SuperCard DSTWO, this will come in handy for you.

What is CATSFC ?

  • A Super Nintendo emulator for the Supercard DSTWO.

Based on:

  • Snes9x 1.43, by the Snes9x team (with research by the ZSNES folks, anomie, zsKnight, etc.)
  • NDSSFC 1.06, by the Supercard team (porting to the MIPS processor)
  • BAGSFC, by BassAceGold (improving over NDSSFC)
  • CATSFC, by ShadauxCat (improving over BAGSFC)

Here is the Change Log
* 1.14: Suspend the DS when its lid is closed during emulation.
* 1.14: Fixed Super Mario All-Stars not having controls.
* 1.14: Fixed the sprite in Secret of Mana’s pseudo hi-res menu.

Download Source