[Released] Configurable USB Loader Mod 70 r78

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Configurable USB Loader

CFG Mod 70 r78 has been released. A mod of the original Configurable USB Loader because the original developers no longer support the project. This will work on a Wii and vWii (Wii U in Wii mode).

-Fixed downloading cheat files (Thanks pabloacurielz)
-Fixed Forcing video modes for Nintendont

recent CFG Mod changelog:
-Fixed Starting FST files through Nintendont

-Changed “Force Devo” to “Default Gamecube loader”. It can now be set to Nintendont
-Added Nintendont LED support

-Added missing NintendontConfig.h file it should compile now.

-Added Nintendont support

download – here

source – here

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