[Released] CTR-V – New NTR-Debugger – 3DS

CTR-V – New NTR-Debugger

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ShinyMK has released a new application that allows you to record the gameplay of your New 3DS from your PC, below is some information:




This is heavily based on Nitro-Stream so full credit to the maker!


This is CTR-V (CTR-Viewer).
I made this as I didn’t quite like the UI on NitroStream and it had a lot of bugs and stuff I prefered it to have.
So I started working for hours and ended up getting the base bone up and running.


Improvements compared to NitroStream:

  • It’s a single .exe file, No .dll or config files needed, Not even NTRViewer itself. Just CTR-V is needed.
  • All required NTRViewer .dll files are embed into CTR-V.
  • New Custom UI – Completely different.
  • No config files are needed, all setting data is stored in the EXE.
  • Its no longer WPF, Its now a Windows Forms Application.
  • Connection/Load Speed is noticeably faster and easier. (CTR-V: Roughly 2 seconds, NitroStream: Roughly 8-10 seconds).
  • The best settings to use are set by default. (For Good Connections)
  • It no longer double connects (You can see NitroStream double connecting from the log).


Downsides compared to NitroStream:

  • Filesize is much higher. (Embed Files, Custom UI).
  • No source code (Yet!)




Here is a video showing the result of recording the top screen on the 3DS: