[Released] DrawAttack v1.0b – 3DS

DrawAttack v1.0b

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TheCruel has released a network drawing game, here is a quote from the source:





First beta version. Needs testing.

Server is currently set up for minimum 2 players for testing purposes, but really should be played with 3+ or scoring is kinda silly. So if you join and it’s empty, get a friend to join and test it out.

There are two server IP addresses hardcoded in the game at the moment. Join the first one.

I’ll eventually add the feature to add more server IPs, because you can easily run a server of your own. But I’ll detail that more when the game is matured and tested.

Also, this is just the basic game mechanics at the moment. If everything turns out well, I’ll add more game modes, “powerups”, leaderboard, and more.

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