[Released] ExInjector

GBATemp member piratesephiroth has released an application that allows you to inject original exheaders into repacked ROMS, here is a quote of the ReadMe:

Stop wasting your time tweaking RSF files!

Repack any rom with a basic RSF file and inject its

original exheader with all the proper settings.

If the rom is not encrypted you’ll be given the choice

of making it an SD app (useful for converting carts to eshop)

You rom will use no encryption if you either:

build it with makerom’s ‘-target t’ switch

disable EnableCrypt in the rsf file.

GUI usage

1. Select you repacked rom

2. Select your original rom‘s decrypted exheader

3. If the rom isn’t encrypted, select if you want it to be set to SD application

Command line usage:

exinjector [options…]

Option Argument Explanation

rom Your repacked rom

-exheader Your roms’s original decrypted exheader

-sd Allows rom to be run from the SD card

Original idea by ground!


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