[Released] Free Multi Patcher

RednaxelaNnamtra has released Free Multi Patcher, here is a quote from his thread at GBATemp:

Hi, the last days I worked on a solution, to use the e-shop on Pasta with firmlaunch. A short time after I found a way to modify Ygw Eshop Spoofer, to get it workwith firmlaunch, rxtools got regionfree implemented, so I checked out how it works and implemented it to my modified patcher.
I released the first version in the PastaCFW thread, and got positive feadback. Now, after some fixes and additions I will release it, working on gw, rxtools and pasta, on emunand and Sysnand.


  • Homemenu patching for regionfree
  • Nim patching for e-Shop Access
  • Menu with selection of patches


  • no regionfree for Cardiges atm, because of update partition checks

Planned Feature:

  • dlp Patching for regionfree download play
  • serial patching for e-shop access on systems with changed serial
  • a new icon and banner

Tested compability:

  • Emunand:
    • n3DS 9.5 Gateway
    • o3DS 9.5 rxtools
  • Sysnand:
    • n3DS 9.0 Pasta
    • n3DS 9.2 Pasta
    • o3DS 9.2 rxtools


  • The testversions on the Pasta thread replaced Ygw Eshop Spoofer, this version wont do this.
  • I have not much experience on reverse engineering(Mostly I only read sourcecode and stuff on 3dbrew and try n error things), so I cant promise anything.
  • I will release the sourcecode later this week


  • felipejfc for the base application
  • Roxas75 for releasing a way to dynamicly patch regionfree


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