[UPDATED] Get WiiU Pro Controller working on your PC! [1.6]

TeHaxor69 and Daku93 have released a tool for windows to connect your WiiU pro controllers via a custom Bt stack!

I have now completed a program for connecting a Wii U Pro Controller to Windows with help from Daku93.

Just add your Pro Controller in the Windows Bluetooth Manager, don’t use a PIN, then start the application.

All buttons are mappable, both analogs can act as the D-Pad or YBAX Buttons.

Supports LEDs / Rumble control. Displays Battery, USB, And Analog status.

Daku93 added:

It does not work using the default Windows bluetooth stack, sadly. You need to follow those instructions to get the Pro Controller working. http://www.smoothboard.net/wiiremoteplus/ (Yes, they are about connecting a normal Remote+ but it also works for the Pro Controller) What I’m currently working on, is getting the Pro controller to be recognized as a XBox Gamepad, so you can also use the analogs as analogs and not just as buttons. I hope to have something finished as soon as next week, but I can’t promise anything since I’m not very experienced in writing C++ Code which I need to do to accomplish this…

Default button mappings are:

Start = Enter

Select = Backspace

Home = ESC

D-Up = Up

D-Left = Left

D-Down = Down

D-Right = Right

Y = A

B = Z

A = X

X = S

L = Q

R = W

ZL = R

ZR = F

LH = J

RH = K


v1.6 HERE

v 1.5 HERE

v 1.4 HERE

v 1.3 HERE

v 1.2 HERE

 v 1.1 HERE
 v 1.0 HERE


1.1 features

New features:
Added turbo buttons, press desired button + home to active, then again to deactivate, home button cannot be made turbo.
Analogs can now be used to control the mouse.
Each analog can now have 4 of its own custom button mappings.
Added a analog calibration feature.
Buttons can now simulate mouse clicks.

1.2 features

Fixed mouse movement, no longer limited to 45 degree angles.
Fixed R button mouse click option.

1.3 – 1.5 features

Fixed broken save loading feature, also one button saves all now.
Further improved mouse movement, also added deadzones for both the X and Y axis.
Turbo now has a speed option.
Fixed and improved battery status indicator.

Fixes a bug in the data reporting mode that was introduced in 1.3,
Fixes button clear, now requires a click of the “Clear” button.

The LEDs now have new features, they can be used to display the system time in binary, they also have a pattern and counter mode.
Rumble now has a modulation feature.
Keyboard arrow keys can be detected again, broke in 1.4

1.6 features

Added save support for analog mode, mouse mode was intentionally left out of the save due to the possibly of this being problematic.

Updated: 19/03/13 – DefaultDNB

  • Antar Rodríguez

    does this works for USB connected pro controllers? or is it just for bluetooth ?

  • Ace in the Hole

    It’s asking for a passcode on mine, but that might be because I’m using a thrid-party controller. Can anyone help?