[Released] libsicksaxis – Sixaxis/DS3 For The Wii [C/C++ library]

xerpi has released libsicksaxis, here is a quote:

It’s very simple, it allows you to connect your sixaxis and dualshock 3 via USB to the Wii and read its data.

libsicksaxis allows:

  • Read the buttons
  • Read the analog sticks
  • Read the motion sensors (accelerometer and gyro)
  • Read the button pressure
  • Rumble
  • Turn on/off the LEDs
  • Set the controller’s MAC
  • Get the controller’s MAC

Version 1.0 improvements:

  • Reorganizated the code

  • Improved some functions

  • Changed synchronous USB functions to asyncrhonous (this means it won’t lag anymore)


Download version 1.0
GitHub: https://github.com/xerpi/libsicksaxis

Old versions:

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libsicksaxis – sixaxis/DS3 to the Wii [C/C++ library]
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