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Linux For The 3DS

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Multi talented developer @xerpi, has released a Linux Loader for the 3DS, here is a quote from the source:


Linux For The 3DS




As you may know from this thread: https://gbatemp.net/threads/linux-for-3ds.388658 I’ve managed to get Linux booting on the Nintendo 3DS.

Since I’m using Brahma2, it will only work on FW less or equal than 9.2.

Currently the environment is very simple, you have Busybox (which “simulates” some programs like ls, cat, top, etc) and Weston (the Wayland compositor) plus a few Weston clients demos (don’t expect me to try to run the X server).

And a quote from the ReadMe:


Linux 3DS Loader by xerpi

1) Copy the zImage and the nintendo3ds_ctr.dtb to the root of the SD card
2) Copy the 3ds folder to the root of the SD card
3) Run 3DS Linux Loader.3dsx with a Homebrew Launcher
User: root
Pass: root

Linux things:
* You can start Weston by running:
# /start-weston.sh
* You can change the input mode (keybord, mouse) by pressing SELECT

* Linux: https://github.com/xerpi/linux
* Buildroot: https://github.com/buildroot/buildroot
* Linux 3DS Loader: https://github.com/xerpi/3DS-Linux-Loader

Here is a video of it running:

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