[Released] Method For Dumping BootROM/boot0.bin/OTP Key for Wii U

Bobbybangin posted this over on PS3HaX a few minutes ago:

This is the exploit/method to get the Espresso Wii U/vWii Ancast keys from the Wii U.

A few people have asked why PS3 Hax was so heavily involved in the Wii U hacking scene. The reason is that the work has been continued by a dedicated PS3 hacker(at this point should just be known as hacker extraordinaire), who wishes to remain anonymous. He gave me these files to pass on and update the BootROM source. He hasn’t asked for a thing and would only like 1) to see the scene prosper and 2) because he was bored. We should all be thankful for his work, because without it, we wouldn’t be this far. The same debt of gratitude goes to Maxternal and f0f for their thankless contributions.

To read the full thread and get the instructions on how to do it, click this link.