[Released] NTR CFW v2.1

cell9 has updated his 3DS firmware to version 2.1, here is what is new in this release:

NTR CFW v2.1

[Feature] Clean Mode: Some games are not compatible with NTR CFW‘s functions (ie. MH4, SSB), which you can run them by using the Clean Mode feature in NTR CFW Menu. In the Clean Mode, all the features except Region-Free are totally disabled, and you can’t return to Home Menu if you are running an region-locked game (the Home Menu will no longer accept it), use Power Button if you want to quit the game.
[Feature] Debugger: Debugger feature is normally disabled, you can use NTR CFW Menu to enable it, or put an empty file named ‘debug.flag’ on SD card to enable it automatically.
[Feature] Added support of US/EU/AUS regions: This was already done in the public beta version.
[Feature] LayeredFS: the LayeredFS Engine allows you play community-translated games on genuine cards, it works by redirecting some language files in the game card to SD card.
[Bugfix] Power-off issues solved: now you can just turn off your console in NTR Mode normally.
[Bugfix] Improved success-rate for BootNTR.
[Bugfix] Some minor fixes.

Important Notice:

NTR CFW could be boot from the official N3DS system only. Only genuine gamecards can be used in this CFW. The unauthorized copy of software or clone hardware in any form will NEVER be supported in NTR Mode.

In short, no cia, no piracy.

I personally will never support any kind of piracy. Using genuine gamecards is strongly recommended.
I have never made NTR CFW 1.7, please be aware of fraud downloads.


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