[Released] NTR CFW v2.2 For 3DS By @CodenameNTR

cell9 has updated his 3DS CFW to version 2.2, here is a quote of the changes:

NTR CFW v2.2 For 3DS By @CodenameNTR

What’s new in NTR CFW 2.2:
[Feature] Language Emulation plugin: The Language Emulation plugin could solve some language issues of region-locked games, such as games refuse to run or displays wrong language. You can play EUR Majoras Mask on JP N3DS by installing this plugin now. This plugin also allows you switch languages for games that have multiple language files. http://gbatemp.net/threads/release-language-emulation-plugin-for-ntr-1-0-2-2.386543/
[Feature] Improved game compatibility on NTR Mode: more games are runnable in NTR Modes now, including MH4.
[Feature] Hot-key settings: You can redefine the default X+Y hot-key for NTR Menu now, you can also define a hot-key for screenshot.
[Bugfix] Improved compatibility for layeredFS plugin.
[Bugfix] Improved success-rate for BootNTR.

The official twitter of NTR CFW is available now! I will update the current status of the development and request for private beta testers on the official twitter regularly.


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