[Released] Pasta CFW

capito27 has released a new CFW for the 3DS, the CFW still needs Cubic Ninja to run, here is some information about it:


Hi, I have made a CFW loader for both N3DS and O3DS, it requires Cubic Ninja and allows you to install and run unsigned CIAs (The loader is still in early devlopement, but it should work !).

As for the name, it is because it all started from a Unknown Pastebin.

The loader is nothing fancy, and i don’t like to make tidy posts, so here is a zip that both contains brahma (required to launch the loader) and the loader itself.

It works on N3DS 9.0-9.2 and O3DS 4.1-4.5 / 8.0-8.1 / 9.0-9.2.

Also, unsigned DSIware works as well as GBA Virtual Console !

WARNING, THIS CFW WILL BOOT TO SYSNAND !!! I will decline all responsability of any consequences of your usage of this CFW (even if your handheld comes to explode).

Edit: it is strongly recomended to close and open the lid of your console to have proper 3D support, and you are able to run Out of region cartridge games (with unsigned dlc ?) with this CFW, by launching either smealum’s region three on O3DS or NTR on N3DS.


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