[Released] PegaSwitch – Nintendo Switch


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The Nintendo Switch has been out less than a month and already people are playing with the device unconventionally and PegaSwitch by reswitched will help us play a little more, here is a quote from the source:





PegaSwitch is an exploit toolkit for the Nintendo Switch.

By taking over WebKit, we are able to read/write memory, call native functions, and otherwise explore the functionality of the Switch from the domain of the WebKit process.

This does not currently enable homebrew software, but is built to allow other hackers to work toward that goal.




For more information and help, visit the forum thread by visiting the link below:
[Released] PegaSwitch – Nintendo Switch

  • Dave and Jen Crepault

    It’s a shame that an exploit is already found. I hope it doesn’t lead to piracy for a long time. If Nintendo does right with this console, I’d hate to see devs stop working on it because of that.

    • I totally agree with you, i love hacks and exploits, but only for homebrew and the ability to do things not normally possible, i am not ‘anti-Piracy’, i just think that people should buy games because a shit ton of hard work has gone into creating them.