[RELEASED] RARE N64 prototype roms surface: Perfect Dark and Conkers Bad Fur Day

Just spotted over at www.goldeneyevault.com, that a fundraiser for these protocarts to be dumped has ended and the roms have been released into the wild!

I am currently testing them on my recently acquired Everdrive 64 v2, and I can tell you there are some brilliant reminders of days gone by in there!

Also here is some comparison info for perfect dark those interested: http://www.unseen64.net/articles/perfect-dark-beta-analysis/ and some for conkers bad fur day: http://ptoponline.com/?p=1055

It should now lead to blowing open perfect dark/goldeneyeX/conkers bad fur day to hacks and mods as the proto builds also include debug menus:

*PAL Beta of Perfect Dark (Two days before final build – C-Up and C-Down to enable MCM, less options than NTSC)
*NTSC Beta of Perfect Dark (March 22nd 2000 build – C-Up and C-Down to enable MCM, a couple of more options than PAL)
*Conker’s Bad Fur Day “Debug” (October 25th, 2000 build – Hold all C buttons on start to cause an interrupt and the debug menu. Doing so later crashes the game, but it may work on real hardware)
*Conker’s BFD ECTS Demo Build (Made for a trade show, lots of differences, lots of crashes. Hit start to skip the intro cutscene or itll crash)


Note that the ECTS build crashes, a lot, on emulators! Works perfectly on real hardware though.

Codes to note for Debug Conker:
C-Buttons (Up+Down I think, but maybe all four) pulls up the menu
Plus a few more (Skip Cutscenes or SkipCutscenes, can’t remember)

DC = Decrypted
EC = Encrypted (needs Dongle, original dump)

Head over to the source site for more info: