[Released] rxTools – Roxas75 3DS Toolkit 3DS

File Name: rxTools – Roxas75 3DS Toolkit
File Submitter: GregoryRasputin
File Submitted: 06 Apr 2015
File Category: 3DS
Developer: Roxas75
Source: https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-rxtools-roxas75-3ds-toolkit-fw-2-0-9-2.382782/

Roxas75 has updated his rxTools to version 2.3, here are some of the things this application can do:

rxTools - Roxas75 3DS Toolkit 3DS

  • rxMode, free 3DS custom firmware
  • CTR Titles Decryption
  • Title Keys Decryption
  • Xorpad Generation
  • NAND Dumping
  • NAND Partitions Decryption/Injection
  • NAND FAT16 Xorpad Generation
  • System Titles Dumping
  • NAND Files Dumping/Injecting, for various hacks/mods

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