[Released] Sky Army Knife

I will not go into how much i dislike reDRM devices and flash carts, you have all read me rant about them and as much as i try and discourage people from buying them, there are many people who still do buy them, it’s their money, their business.

Anyhow, for those of you who bought the Sky3DS Flash Cart, Foxi4 from GBATemp has released a tool for you guys, to explain what it is, here is a small quote:

Sky Army Knife

Q: What is this?
A: Sky Army Knife is a multitool for Sky3DS users I’m currently coding in C++ with a dash of .Net. In its current state (version 1.0) the tool is capable of generating relatively accurate Template Files for .3DS ROM files.

Q: That’s not much of a multitool, is it?
A: In the future I plan on expanding the feature set so that it encompasses most typical ROM-related tasks such as CARD-1 to CARD-2 conversion, SD Card management etc.

Q: Why release it now then?
A: Due to the recent Nintendo Network ban wave directed at flashcart users the need for a template generator became urgent. The current consensus is that the bans are caused by using public UniqueID’s present in the public templates provided by Sky3DS. While there are ways to inject UniqueID’s into pre-existing templates, they’re not easy to perform for newbies nor accurate.



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