[Released] VidiiU Streamer v1.0

Anyone that owns a Wii U, should know by now that it doesn’t do video playback, you can view some videos via network, using the Web browser, but there isn’t any dedicated transcoding software to let you view all types of video, well not until now.

VidiiU Streamer lets you view all types of video on your Wii U using the web browser, it even scrapes information from Rotten Tomatoes, here is a quote from the source:

  • Transcoding!┬áPlay any video file on your WiiU!
  • Sorts files into TV Shows with seasons or, for films, gets information from RottenTomatoes.com
  • Runs in the background, checking multiple folders for new files.

Here are some images:



Download Windows
Download MacOS

VidiiU Support(Twitter)