[Released] WiiLauncher

Version 0.1 of WiiLauncher has been released, here is some information about it:


WiiLauncher is a simple alternative to Gecko OS application. It has most of the Gecko OS features and has additional features for downloading and editing cheat codes.
WiiLauncher automatically reloads and patches IOS 36 so there is no need to install unofficial (patched) or even custom IOS to run the channels (with the debugger or cheat codes) or the rebooter features. Full hardware access (AHBPROT) is used when applying such run-time patches. This access could be obtained by running WiiLauncher application from Homebrew Channel (version 1.0.7 or higher).


What is the meaning of [?] symbol in front of the name of the cheat codes?
The symbol indicates that the cheat codes cannot be used without editing it. One or more cheat codes rows contain non hexadecimal characters

I cannot toggle that [?] symbol to be either On, [+], or Off, [-]
You need to edit the cheat codes first and once it is done, the application automatically changes the flag or symbol to be Off, [-]

Can I use this with Wii-U for WiiMode?
Yes, you could

Change Log
0.1 – February 18, 2013
Initial beta testing release (reuploaded with r6 version of source codes)


  • Reanna Dennison

    how come when i try to put codes on the new alternative gecko it says found codes then when it gets to the loading page it freezes?