[Released] WUDecrypt v0.1.1 – Wii U

WUDecrypt v0.1.1

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Released two days ago, this is the second version of the application from makikatze , here is some information, followed by the version changes:



I know there is DiscU.exe and VGMToolbox to decrypt Wii U Disc images (.wud) if you have the disc key and the common key, but I usually sit in front of my Macbook and both applications only work on Windows (VGMToolbox didn’t compile or run with Mono and DiscU.exe isn’t a C# application anyway, so both of them didn’t work).


That’s why I decided to just code my own WUD decryption tool. And because I am a friend of OSS and most probably a soon-to-come Free Software Foundation member, it was clear that I have to release the source code.


It’s for sure not the best work and the code has to be optimized and cleaned, there’s almost NO documentation about the code itself right now, but you can view it on Github







Error and warning messages now all go to stderr and not to the default console output
Found 8 defects through static code analysis which are now all fixed
3 of 8 defects were memory leaks, but now the application should also work with environments with very limited RAM (will test that through DigitalOcean in the next few weeks)



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    Developer: makikatze
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    Source: https://gbatemp.net/threads/wudecrypt-a-cross-platform-tool-to-decrypt-wii-u-disc-images.425834/