[Rumour] 3DS CFW Has Been Released ?

A few days ago we posted here, that the keys for 3DS firmware 7.xx had been leaked and it seems that GovanifY  the person who leaked them has also leaked a 3DS CFW, here is a quote from the source:



  • This is a 3ds CFW. It will patch the signature checks, and some other parts of the firmware. It have the ability to run a CIA server and to use it for install the CIA wanted.
  • This CFW works only on 4.5 because, firstly, the keyX isn’t implemented, the mem allocations of the Home Menu, for exemple, changed between firmwares, etc…
  • This CFW is launching something that can be compared to Gateway’s emuNAND system(I’ll call it redNAND from now), then patching parts of the firmware for let it launch unsigned code.
  • This allows a lot of things, such as piracy(you can convert CCI(3ds roms) to CIA(Home menu apps)using 3dsguy’s makerom software.) and home menu homebrews. Tho this would need mods in the CFW for allows so.


In an article here, GovanifY explains a lot about the drama surrounding these leaks, in his statement he drops names such as st4rk, roxas75 and Relys, today roxas75 responds to statements made by GovanifY, here is a screenshot from the quote of said post from GBATemp:



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