[Update][Rumour] Latest Wii U Update Boosts CPU and GPU – Fake

HamSandMan77 a member from tvtropes.org, has posted what he himself calls a rumour, stating that the 3.0.0 update boosted the Processing power from 1.24GHz to 3.24Ghz and the Graphics from 550MHz to 800MHz, here is a quote from the source:

* CPU: IBM [=PowerPC=] 7xx-based tri-core processor “Espresso” reportedly clocked at 1.24 [=GHz=] however, it has been rumored that the CPU has been over clocked to 3.24 [=GHz=] after the 3.0.0 update. This is an evolution to the Broadway chip used in the Wii, is 64 bit and uses [=Power6=] tech When IBM has said that Nintendo has licensed the Power7 tech from IBM, Nintendo is not using it for the Wii U, explaining its backwards compatibility.

* GPU: AMD Radeon High Definition processor codenamed “Latte” with an eDRAM cache built onto the die reportedly clocked at 550 [=MHz=]it has been rumored that the GPU has been over clocked to 800 [=MHz=] after the 3.0.0 update.


Long time Wii/Wii U dev marcan has spoken on twitter regarding this rumour:

 photo 1-29_zps5e927d43.png

 photo 2-26_zpsf23ff19a.png

 photo 3-4_zps51d2bef7.png

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