[Rumour] Nintendo Deletes Wii U Owners Nintendo Network ID

The title of the thread at the source reads “WiiU: Are savegames attached to your NNID account?[NNID deleted due to niece drawing]”, the content of the OP’s post claims that last week he let his 10 year old niece do a drawing on his Wii U control pad, which was published to his Miiverse, then today he receives an email from Nintendo telling him that his NNID was deleted because 10 year olds are not allowed to own NNID accounts, here is a quote from his opening post:

Just got a wonderful MiiVerse moment that turned into some trouble.
I got my 10yo niece at my place to play some Skylander Giants. She likes the game and I show her MiiVerse where people are drawing stuff about the game.
She likes to draw so she asked me if she could add a drawing of a character in the game.
Why not.
Just for fun, she asks me to specify that she drew it so I write “Drawing made by my 10yo niece”. No harm there.
That was last week.
Today I receive an email saying that my NNID got deleted because “a children need parental consent to create an Account online”.
I spoke to a rep which was very competent and assured me that I would get funds back to redownload any games (had 1) attached to the account. No problem here.
But I wonder, are my games attached to that NNID account?

Later on to post this in the fourth page:

So, in a nutshell:
1- I lost my original account (I use Suikodan everywhere but put SuikoU at the WiiU launch so it’s now Suikodan)
2- I “lost” my purchase as I bought NSMBu and it’s no longer attached to my… console (?)
3- To “repair” that, they did refund the cost of the game so that I can have it again.
4- The most frustrating thing is that I can’t associate my “main profile” with another NNID. I haven’t found the option to change it, only to re-attach with my old NNID, which doesn’t work since it no longer exists.

If someone knows how, please tell me!

5- That leads to savegames. Some are attached to users like Skylander Giants and others like NintendoLand and NSMBu are “universal” amongst the users.

What’s funny is that my downloaded game is still there (obviously) and works when I start it.

That’s it. I’m so tired of all this 😉

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