[SMEALUM] First 3DS CFW in the works!

Developer Smealum recently teased us with a little twitter action:


He then went on to claify some things:

ok, i think it’s clarification time again… wanted to wait until i had some cooler stuff to show but i don’t want things to get too out of hand in the meantime.
so, where to start ? first off, yes, this is by all means a custom firmware we’ve got running. what does that mean ? essentially, that we can have our own code running concurrently anywhere, at any time. more practically, it means we should be able to add new features to the stock firmware, not only adding some sort of nice homebrew loader to the home menu (maybe), but also for instance taking screenshots, cheats (yeah we can also run code in games apparently), removing region locking and such.
now, what does this *not* mean ? well, mostly it’s just not as nice a CFW as are available on say the PSP, the PS3 or even the wii. it’s not persistent, which means that it disappears whenever you shut down your device, not unlike a tethered iOS jailbreak. (also pretty sure it disappears whenever you run a DS, DSi or GBA VC game… but pretty sure we could work around that for the most part)
so no, this isn’t anything super revolutionary; it won’t work on anything past 4.5 and is no more practical than GW’s solution.
but it does mean we can do some really cool stuff. unfortunately, giving everyone the ability to do all that cool stuff could have huge downsides; pretty sure everyone would kill me if i released something that allowed people to cheat on pokemon. more or less fortunately though, no need to worry about that for now as this is still very much in its infancy and won’t be seeing a release for a while !

but yeah no this isn’t just a banner edit or string edit or whatever.

So there we have it, the start of beautiful customized things!

Source:  GBATemp