smealum Looking For 3DS Homebrew Menu Designers

3DS developer smealum is looking for help with his upcoming 3DS Homebrew project, here are the rules:

1. no copyrighted material may be used
2. fyi top screen resolution is 400×240
3. we haven’t come up with a final name for the menu yet, so feel free to be creative. “3DS homebrew menu”/”3DS homebrew channel” is probably what we’ll end up going with unless we get better suggestions
4. you have about a week to come up with something
5. you’re doing this work for free and are releasing your work to the public. you’ll be properly credited and all but that’s pretty much as good as it’ll get in terms of “remuneration”
6. i’d rather everyone post their work here, but if you want to keep it secret for the time being feel free to instead send it to this email address : (or via PM)
7. noone’s name/nick/whatever should be part of the logo screen. that includes my own name, your name or anyone else’s. again you’ll be properly credited (as will anyone who’s contributed to the effort); just not on the logo screen.

not going to lie, i have pretty high hopes for this, so please help us if you can !

To view the source and submit your design, visit the thread here.