Some Forum Additions – 14th May 2016

I have added some new stuff to the forum, the small thing are a bunch of new Emoticons :14:


The second is for developers, so that they can allow people to donate to them if they choose to do so, to enable this feature, you must click on your name, its at the top of the forum, then click ‘Account Settings’, then go down to the section that says ‘Tips’ and add your link and save, you should then have a little green icon in your forum posts, i don’t believe in devs begging or asking for donations, which is why i think this will be a nice little addition so that nobody has to ask for donations and no one has to ask for your donation link.





The donation icon for my posts, is the forums PayPal.

I have also added the ability for admins to accept donations, if they choose to do so.

Remember that donations are not obligatory.