Some Forum Updates

So have updated and added a few things to the forum, they are:

New Themes – They can be changed at the bottom of the forum, you can view how to do it here:

Member Online Icon – There is a little icon that appears above the username, it is in the form of a control pad, when its green, the member is online, when its not, they are offline.

Member User Image – The default user image is a silhouette, which is kinda boring when you guys don’t change it, so the default one is changed, not sure when it will take affect, or if it will only affect new members, anyhow it can be changed if you don’t like it.

Tapatalk – I hate it, but some of you guys use it, so its back >.<

Social Media Share Icons – The default ones are Twitter, Facebook and a few others, i have added icons so you can share to ,, VK, and Odnoklassniki.

Guest Message – This will be displayed only to guests and it basically tells them that they should join the forums and join in the discussion with you guys.