Some Tiny WiiUHaX Changes

Well I made a few changes around the blog, which aren’t important to most of you, but are important to me, if you do not care, you do not need to read any further as it will contain a little drama.

Firstly I am no longer a member of PS3HaX, a website I looked after for a long time, I basically kept the website alive, if it hadn’t of been for my dedication, it would have died, probably have gone my now, which means I will have more time to dedicate to WiiUHaX and attempt to bring you great news, which I will be doing on my own, at least until I find someone, trustworthy enough to help me.

The changes are basically News Writer removals and are this:

  • bubba – He is an OK guy, but is a liar and extremely dishonest, taking other peoples work and releasing it without their permission, which led to a small amount of drama in the Wii U hacking scene.
  • hellsing9 – The dude is a great guy and someone i consider a good friend, someone who i trust with this site, but in order to distance myself from PS3HaX, i must distance myself from him, which is not something i wanted to do, rather it is something i must do.
  • Bobbybangin – Well this guy rarely posted, was never very good at posting and anything he has posted is false and bogus, because of course he is a donkey and gets his info from bubba, take the recent info about WiiUKey, it was all wrong and bogus information, which bubba passed on to Bobbybangin, so to try and stop any more false information, i have removed this thorn, who is obviously too dumb to understand when he is being fed shit from bubba. He is also a very dishonest person, one of those wolf in sheep’s clothing type of guys, who lies to your face, i ┬áblame the steroids.

Anyhow, that is the public service announcement over, if you would like to occasionally post news and are an honest person, drop me a line using the contact link and thanks for reading.