Wii Street U Released In Japan – Some Information

Street U has been released in Japan, it is an interactive Google maps experience, here is some information about it(translated from official Nintendo website):


Up, down, left, or right GamePad, but only in the direction you want to see 360 degrees, also linked to will change the direction of the street view screen, overlook around freely. You can enjoy a more realistic sensation of Street View, such as if you were in that place myself.
Also, you can simply press the button to go in the direction of his face.

By reflecting the map to your TV, you can place and making sure you have your own, where you want to see and enjoy the view on the street GamePad hand.
If you display a map on the GamePad, you will be able to zoom in or move the map easily, easily find the place you want to see.
In addition, you can also find the location by entering characters in the GamePad.

You can be projected to a big screen television screens GamePad, street view to look at the screen with family and friends. You can enjoy traveling and living together in a variety of locations around the world to the virtual, and the rehearsal of the outing.

Whilst it does seem fun and it is free at the moment, it seems that after July 2013, they will start charging for it, acording from this screencapture i took on the official site:


Also it seems the service will only run to 2016

In order to use must be connected to the Internet Wii U.
This soft, Please note that to terminate the service on or after April 1, 2016.

Source Nintendo Japan