Tapatalk Fuck You >.<

So i updated the forum software and thought everything had went ok, until i tried to post something, i noticed there was no comment box and i could not reply to anything, on top of that, none of the pop up menus worked.

So i tried re uploading all the files and with this internet, it takes an incredibly long time compared to home, that still didn’t fix the problem, so i redownloaded the files from Invision, then reuploaded to the server, but yet again, the problem was not fixed.

So i disabled the Donations application, that did not fix the problem, so next i tried the plugins, the first one i disabled was Tapatalk and straight away the problem was fixed.

Seriously, Tapatalk has been nothing but a huge pain in the ass ever since i first installed it, if it wasn’t for the fact some of you use it, i would get rid of it completely.