TeamScriptKiddies (from Team Trinux) Has Officially Joined The Wii U Hax Team!

Many of you may know me as the Project Manager for the Trinux project (bringing Ubuntu to the Virtual Wii on the Wii U with the goal of adding Tri-core support, and eventually porting it over to Wii U mode, when possible). More information on the Trinux project can be found here:

I was recently invited by GregoryRaspbutin to join the Wii U Hax team as an administrator, so here I am! I hope to bring my White Hat Hacking knowledge to Wii U Hax to enhance this site even further. Gregory has already done an excellent job maintaining this site covering both hacking and official Nintendo related news,but  I figure, the more people working on this project, the more we can cover in the scene (and officially as well).

Stay tuned for all your official and scene related Nintendo News!