The Super Nintendo Is Getting A Brand New Game

If you own a Snes, you are in for a treat, the very first game to be released in nearly 14 years is up for Pre Order.
Nightmare Busters was originally planned for release back in the 90’s when the console was popular, but for some reason the publishers dropped the game and it vanished into the abyss like so many unreleased games, until now, here is some information about the game:


A masterful run and gun game for the Super Nintendo, Super Famicom and all compatible video game systems, Nightmare Busters will be the first new game to be released for these machines in the United States since 1998.

Synchronized with the wavelengh of dreams, the miserable Tyrant has discovered a way to enter them and convolute what children see, hear and feel while they sleep — all for the benefit of his twisted amusement. Enter Flynn and his twin brother Floyd, two virtuous leprechauns who refuse to sit idly by while the Tyrant weaves his dreadful delusions. Get going, gents! There’s no time to lose!

Game features:

  • Incredible graphics
  • Six challenging stages
  • Cooperative two player mode
  • Continuous fast paced action
  • Wide array of weapons and magic

Here’s what you’ll be getting when you order:

  • Game cartridge with authentic plastic shell
  • Full color instruction manual
  • Sturdy cardstock box printed in full color

Here is an old video of Game Play:

Official Site/Pre-Order

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