The Ultimate Nintendo Collection

Im not sure if any of you WiiUHaX readers know that WiiUHaX writer OoZic is an avid games console hardware collector, he has well over 1000 games consoles from many different console creators, but this collector Isao Yamazaki would give OoZic a run for his money regarding the Nintendo products he owns, here is a quote from the source:

A serious collector of vintage Nintendo toys and games for many years, Isao also has been actively involved in documenting and spreading information about Nintendo’s illustrious past. One of the highlights of this was the unique one-off exhibition in Osaka in 2007, titled ‘Nintendo Museum‘, for which Isao acted as curator.

In recent years, Isao teamed up with Florent Gorges for the first two volumes of the bible of Nintendo archaeology: ‘The History of Nintendo’.

Many years before that, Isao was the author of one of the first books that catalogued the Japanese console and hand-held history of the 1970s and 1980s. This book was called ‘Electronic Game Collectors’ (???????????). It appeared in 2000 and included pictures of all systems as well indications of rarity and an estimation of their market value.


Here is Isao Yamazaki talking about his collection:

“Hello, my name is Isao Yamazaki. I’m 36 years old and I live in Tokyo. I’m a website developer.”

“I started collecting Nintendo items 30 years ago, in 1982. My first Nintendo items were pencil erasers. The first one was an eraser that looked like a Game & Watch game. It had a funny lenticular printing, which showed a cartoon that changed depending on the angle you looked at it.”

“I also collected erasers that looked like Famicom carts. These erasers looked like an actual (miniature) cart, and they were sold in reproduction boxes. They were not officially made by Nintendo, but when I was a child, I thought they were all made by them.”


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Meet the collectors – #4 – Isao Yamazaki

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