The WaveDash Controller For Wii U

When i seen this device, my first thought was, “wont they get in trouble from Nintendo, as it is quite similar to the Gamecube pad”.
Many people will like the idea of this control pad, but it isn’t directly for sale, it is on the Kickstarter website and $49 will get you one pad, here is a quote from Kickstarter:


What is the WaveDash?

The WaveDash is based off the fan favorite controller of the past with some new exciting features.

  • Gone is the Left analog stick of old, replaced with a full size analog stick for better comfort and control.

  • Each controller will have a USB rechargeable battery inside.

  • Dual “Z” Bumpers. (Note: The new Pro Controller for the WiiU labels the BOTTOM triggers ZR and ZL, while the Bumpers are R and L. We will follow this naming convention as well.)

  • Larger D-Pad for classic control.

  • “Clickable” L/R Analog sticks.

  • This controller will function exactly as 1st/3rd party controllers for the WiiU do now. No Wiimote or adapter needed.


If you want to back this control pad, click on this link.