The Wii U queue has started in London

Nintendo fans are already camping outside HMV

Wii U isn’t released until Friday but hardcore Nintendo fans have already started queuing to buy the console outside HMV in London’s Oxford Street. Izzy Rahman has been camping with friends Sing Duong, Michael Djuma and Teddy Djuma outside HMV since Saturday night in order to become the first person in the UK to buy a Wii U.

The Wii U launches with a special midnight opening event at HMV and although the first 100 people in the queue will all receive a copy of New Super Mario Bros U and a Wii U goody bag, the friends told us that they wanted to show their appreciation for Nintendo.

Sing, Teddy, Michael and Izzy (l-r) in their tent. They do have two tents!

Asked why he decided to queue for six days to buy a Wii U, Izzy said: “One word. Nintendo. Nintendo has to be the godfather of games and as soon as we heard about the event we knew we had to be here. It is brilliant to be first and to show our appreciation for Nintendo. They just keep pushing boundaries. The other consoles always copy them. They’ve got the most iconic games and characters and Wii U is going to usher in a whole new era of gaming.”
Izzy, who has travelled from Luton to be the first in the queue, told ONM what the experience of camping in central London has been like so far. “We arrived at around 11 am on Saturday morning, talked to the manager and then bought a tent.”

Sing, who has taken a week off work to be at the front of the queue, added: “It’s surprisingly awesome. The tent is surviving the weather. It’s warm inside and we’ve been having fun playing Mario Kart.”

This isn’t the first time they have queued up for a console launch but it is the first time they have been number one in the queue having been beaten to the front by Marwan Elgamal for the Wii and 3DS launch. Izzy said: “I was right behind Marwan for Wii in 2006 and Sing was for 3DS but this time we are number one. Something like this only happens every five to six years. It’s worth it”

But how did they decide who will be the first person to pick up the Wii U in the early hours of Friday morning? Simple. Izzy said: “We decided via a deadly game of Mario Kart which I won.”

Izzy and Sing playing Mario Kart

Are you going to the Wii U midnight launch on Thursday night? We’ll see you there!