The World Loses Hiroshi Yamauchi

Today Nintendo sadly announced that Hiroshi Yamauchi had passed away, at the age of 85.

 photo 6-hiroshi-yamauchi-seattle-mariners--net-worth-18-billion_zps43ebc868.jpg

Mr Yamauchi took over as the President of Nintendo, after his Grandfather suffered a stroke, he transformed the company from a playing card company to the games company it is today, here are some of the great things that Yamauchi accomplished throughout his life:

  • President and Chairman of Nintendo – 1949 to 2002.
  • Changed Nintendo’s name from Nintendo Koppai to Nintendo Karuta and established its new headquarters in Kyoto.
  • Was the first to introduce the plastic Western playing card into the Japanese market.
  • Gained access to Disney’s characters and put them on the playing cards.
  • Later changed the company name to Nintendo Company Limited.
  • Spotted Gunpei Yokoi playing with a something made to amuse himself during his break, Yamauchi ordered Yokoi to develop the product, the product was named Urutora Hando.
  • Created a new department called Games and Setup.
  • Negotiated a license with Magnavox to sell its game console, the Magnavox Odyssey.
  • Expanded Nintendo into the United States.
  • Infused Nintendo with a unique, industrial development process.
  • Donated the majority of the 7.5 billion yen used to build a new cancer treatment center in Kyoto.