Transparency Regarding Article Removal

You all know that i hate articles being removed, i hate censorship, unless it is spam, which is why i am extremely annoyed that i had to remove a certain article which contained a recent P$4 Soft Dick Kake, my server hosts received a DMCA complaint for that article, i personally could not see where i had infringed any copyright, all i had done is post some text and a screenshot of the Soft Dick Kake, i did not provide any links so that users could get the Soft Dick Kake.




Here is some of the correspondence:








They also showed me the complete DMCA, which states this:



Irdeto USA, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Irdeto”) swears under penalty of perjury that Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC (hereinafter referred to as “SIEA”) has authorized Irdeto to act as its non-exclusive agent for copyright infringement notification. Irdeto’s search of the URL listed below has detected infringements of SIEA’s copyright interests on your website as detailed in the below report.


Irdeto has reasonable good faith belief that SIEA, its agents, or the law does not authorize use of the material in the manner complained of in the below report. The information provided herein is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Therefore, this letter is an official notification to effect removal of the detected infringement listed in the below report. The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, the Universal Copyright Convention, as well as bilateral treaties with other countries allow for protection of client’s copyrighted work even beyond U.S. borders. The below documentation specifies the exact location of the infringement.


We hereby request that you immediately remove or block access to the infringing material, as specified in the copyright laws, and insure the user refrains from using or sharing with others SIEA materials in the future.



So we cannot use material connected to SIEA, which makes zero sense as everything we post about has some sort of Sony materiel >.<

For more information and help, visit the forum thread by visiting the link below:
Transparency Regarding Article Removal

  • TheWhiteTyger

    if they cannot provide you with proof of copyright breach, then its
    nothing more than a scare tactic to force you to do as they see fit.
    They must prove that copyright was infringed upon, or else they would
    have done so with the entire site and not just one article. I would
    re-post and if you are harassed again, force them to be specific. If
    not, they don’t have a case against you. But I understand the fear of
    being brought down by the man for no reason.

    • TheWhiteTyger

      Otherwise, they are breaking “purjery” and breaking the law themselves. Throw that in their faces!