[Tutorial] How To Block Wii U Firmware Updates

I am sure most of you have seen this thread by now:

Which means Nintendo will have an update for the Wii U very soon, this will more than likely block this exploit and stop you from running Homebrew, so what you need to do it block Nintendo’s ability to update your console.





The easiest method is to remove the WiFi settings from the Wii U, its what i did for a while as i don’t care for online or use services such as YouTube, but with recently getting the Nintendo Humble Bundle i was forced to go online, which was OK as i needed to update anyway, there are other minor things you can do to cut down the possibility of updates,

  • Click on the Download Management Icon > Click on the spanner/options icon > Then click Activate downloads /Deactivate download > Deactivate Downloads.
  • Click on System Settings > Click on Internet > Click on Automatic Software Downloads  > Choose ‘Don’t Receive’.

You can check this video:



If you are not like me and enjoy online services, then there are other methods you need to use, they are as followed:



This method was originally used for Smealums 3DS hack and it can also be used on the Wii U, you need to add these to your DNS settings on the Wii U:

  • Primary DNS: (TubeHax DNS)
  • Secondary DNS: (TubeHax DNS)

This can be done by doing the following:

  • Go to System Settings.
  • Select Internet.
  • Select ‘Connect to the Internet’.
  • Select ‘Connection List’ in the top right corner, or simple press the X button.
  • Find your connection, it should have Wii U/Wii icons on it, select it.
  • Select ‘Change Settings’.
  • Press the arrow on the right once, you should see ‘DNS‘.
  • Once you select DNS, press ‘Do not auto-obtain’ which will take you to where you can enter the IP’s.
  • Once entered, press confirm and save.

Once you have all that done, go to the eShop and wait, if you get an error code, you have successfully configured the DNS.




This can be blocked by Nintendo, so one of the methods below will be more practical.



This method can be used to block the updates if you are unable to host your own DNS, however i have noticed people state that it does not work well with people who have Dynamic IP’s:


More Information/Source



Create Your Own DNS Server

There should be plenty of you that are capable of doing this, it is quite easy and straight forward, plus its hosted on your own computer, so you have complete control over it, here is what you will need to do:

  • Download BIND 9.9.9rc1(Latest version on date of this guide 4th May 2016) from http://www.bind9.net/download 
  • Extract files to a temporary location
  • Run BINDInstall.exe from aforementioned temporary location.a. Create a Service Account Password
  • After Installation, you will receive a dialog box stating the installation was successful, click OK, then Exit
  • Open your favorite Text Editor, for Windows my recommendation is Notepad++ (it’s Freeeeee!)
  • Dump the following contents in a new file, and save as: C:Program Files (x86)ISC BIND 9etcnamed.conf

You need to follow the rest of the tutorial here:

Create your own DNS Server to Block Nintendo Updates


Block Domains And IP’s On Your Router

This is quite a simple method, providing you have a decent router and you know hoe to use it, you will want to block all of these:






EZ Share WIFI SD Card

To use applications such as loadline, one needs to connect to a server, you can connect to a server online, which can be dangerous or you can create a server of your own on your PC, but that takes up a lot of power and is a waste for running a simple server, so this method via jellybeangreen2 is quite good, first here is some information about the device from the official website:


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Here is what you will need in order for this method to work(Links are Amazon affiliate):

  • EZ Share WIFI SD Card – UKUSA
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  • SD Card(To put your games on) – UKUSA
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Follow the rest of the guide here