Two Pokemon Players Arrested For Threatening Competition

I do not normally post stories like this, but this is too fucked up not to be posted, its also not often i am shocked by weird stuff, but this was so weird that it left me speechless, not knowing what the fuck to think.

Two men, one aged 27 and one aged 18, planned or threatened via Facebook to go to the Pokémon World Championships in Boston and kill their competition.
Both these Pokemon terrorists were to participate in the masters division of the Pokémon Trading Card Game World Championship this weekend, but were stopped by security on Thursday as they were trying to enter the competition.

Two Pokemon Players Arrested


Police then on Friday searched their car and found a 12 gauge shotgun, an AR-15 rifle with loads of ammunition and a hunting knife



Here is an interview with Stumbo that happened earlier this year:



Was the whole Facebook posting a joke ?
Were the guns in the car a coincidence ?

What ever the case, Pokemon seems a lot more serious now than when i was a kid.

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