UK Super Smash Bros And Amiibo’s

The UK will have its release of Super Smash Brothers on the 28th of November, which is about five days away, UK Wii U owners can pre order the game and its Amiibo’s below, but first lets talk about the game and the Amiibo’s.

Now whilst Super Smash Bros is no doubt an awesome game, i am not quite sure the same can be said for the Ammibo’s, these devices which are used with the NFC on the Wii U’s game pads, seem to be over priced, over glorified toys, which add very little to the actual game play, here is a little information about them from IGN:

When an amiibo is placed on the GamePad, that character will be brought into the game. Players have a choice of watching the character battle other characters, battling alongside the character or battling against the character. In addition, the player will not be able to directly control the character. The more the amiibo is played, the more it levels up, unlocking different moves, equipment and customization options. They will also level up faster when pitted against other amiibo fighter

If a player brings his or her amiibo to a friend’s house and puts it into their friend’s Smash Bros. game, it will bring all its unique data and characteristics with it. Even if a Mario amiibo is pitted against a different Mario amiibo, the two Marios would behave differently based on how they’ve been used and leveled up previously.

The Amiibo’s cost £10 each, but for some weird reason Nintendo chose not to include Nintendo Points with them, which means you do not get rewarded for buying them, like you do with Nintendo Consoles or Games, on top of that, you cannot choose to use them and keep them in collectors edition, as Nintendo have enclosed a silver foil in the case that blocks the signal.

Here is a review by boogie2988:

Anyhow if you are still interested in the devices, you can click the links below to buy them or various other Smash Brothers merchandise from PlayStationHaX/WiiUHaX Amazon UK Affiliate Links:
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