UK WII U Advertisement Gets Pulled

The UK’s very first Wii U TV spot has been banned from being aired in the UK, in its current form, all because of one moaning idiot, this idiot mistakenly assumed that all Wii U games would be able to be played/viewed on the Wii U Pad when someone else was using the TV, here is the video in question:

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) made the ruling yesterday, here is a quote from their website:

Number of complaints: 1

A TV ad for the Nintendo Wii U games console included the claim “Say someone wants to watch TV when you’re halfway through a game … do both, and everyone’s happy”. The player was shown switching from playing on the TV screen to playing on the built-in screen of the GamePad controller.

The complainant, who believed that the option to switch gameplay to the GamePad controller would not be available on all games, challenged whether the ad was misleading.

Nintendo of Europe GmbH, UK branch (Nintendo) did not believe the ad was misleading. They said the ad showed the functional capabilities of the hardware including various examples of how the Wii U GamePad may be used in games to interact with the console.

The ad referred to a number of features of the Wii U console and GamePad, including being able to shoot at the TV using the GamePad, switching gameplay to the GamePad if someone else wanted to use the TV and using the GamePad to zoom in on targets, enter key codes and interact with the surroundings in the game.

The ad must not appear again in its current form.