[Update 3] UKey Images Released

Well it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to any of you, that i HATE ODDE devices, so i see this cancellation as good news, others may disagree with me and say it’s bad news, because its release might have forced the consoles hackers to release a software version.

Anyhow, BobbyBangin posted the news on our site PS3HaX, here is a quote from his thread:

Today I received a couple pictures of the Wii Ükey. I received them from a non-native english speaking source, so I had a little trouble understanding the exact situation.

From what I understood, the device is no longer being manufactured and is under new ownership, that is why it’s being released now. As to what purpose this will serve, I have no idea. There is a new device being manufactured and it’s going to be called the WiikeyU. They are being manufactured by two completely different people.

I’m confused as to why this device is being cancelled, since it is fully operational and functional. The blue Ükey dev board is the ripper. It allows for the ripping of Wii U games. This is how all the games have been ripped and released.

I generally have a very harsh non-ode stance, but am hoping that one can be released, so that it can be reverse engineered and released to the public.

Disclaimer: This is NOT to be considered an endorsement. I am only releasing the info that I received. I do not own nor promote ODDE devices.

To view the images and participate in the forum discussion, click the link below:
[Exclusive Release] ÜKey Pictures

Well it seems that i mistook BobbyBangins post, he actually stated that the device had changed hands and that it isn’t actually cancelled, sorry for the confusion, if you keep an eye on the discussion thread linked above, you will be kept up to date with changes.

BobbyBangin PM’d me and told me it was bubba who told him this information and gave him the images, which is why the information is so bogus, sorry that bobby is a tad on the dumb side and keeps believing bubba.