[UPDATE] Crediar’s project “Nintendont”

In a brief update to the exclusive we posted a few days ago, Crediar has now announced a name for the project: “Nintendont”

Source: Twitter

Here’s a brief roundup-features-list of what we know so far for “Nintendont”:

  • It can play GC games on Wii (yes this project will work on regular Wii too!) and vWii on WiiU.
  • It uses PS3 dualshock 3 pads or USB controllers (you can contribute to the project by testing your USB controller devices on your Wii/vWii with this tool: http://t.co/DbfmfMmbPZ
  • It may never support Wiimote/Classic controllers as they are very difficult to implement.
  • It will most likely utilize virtual memory cards similar to NMM (No More Memorycards).
  • It will more than likely have fixed audio streaming issues (which are still currently unfixed on DIOS MIOS)
  • It will most likely NOT feature any sort of AP (anti piracy protection) similar to DIOS MIOS.
  • Crediar mentioned that a beta will be available to “certain” people
  • [UPDATE] Crediar has asked “certain” people to check their emails immediately!

So there you have it, we are eagerly looking forward to seeing this project flourish, and we will keep you up to date with any further information as it developes.