US Court Finds Nintendo Guilty Of Patent Infringement

Being from the PS3 Scene, im well aware of all the court cases that have been taken against Sony because of the PS3, Sony always wins, unfortunately Nintendo hasn’t had the same luck, as a US court finds them liable for patent infringement, because of the 3D technology used in the 3DS, here is a quote from the source:

The jury awarded the inventor, Seijiro Tomita, $30.2 million in compensatory damages.

The patent relates to technology that Tomita developed for providing 3-D images without the need for 3-D glasses.

In opening arguments last month, Tomita’s attorney, Joe Diamante, told the jury in U.S. District Court in Manhattan that Nintendo used technology that Tomita developed for its 3DS. Tomita is a former longtime Sony Corp employee.

But Scott Lindvall, a defense attorney for the Super Mario Bros franchise creator, argued that the 3DS doesn’t use key aspects of Tomita’s patent.

Lindvall also said a 2003 meeting with Nintendo officials that Tomita cited in his argument was merely one of several the company held with vendors selling 3-D display technology.

Tomita, 58, sued Nintendo and its U.S. unit in 2011 for patent infringement. Tomita was not present in the courtroom on Wednesday.

“We are thankful to the jurors for their diligence and hard work,” Diamante said in an e-mail after the verdict. “It has been a honor to represent Mr. Tomita and to protect his invention.”

Lindvall declined to comment following the verdict. Nintendo officials were not immediately available for comment.


  • Beni Rodriguez

    Always the same… its not justice but money that win on courts! 🙁

    Other cases… Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, etc… All are based from ideas or products from others, but as justice doesnt apply to them as for the rest of mortals, instead of beeing punished and black listed, they are loved by the masses, and recognized as gurus, and other nonsense titles.

    I have experienced this myself! When I was 14 i wrote a song (Im a musician/guitarrist), this song was appropiated by a recording studio, when I was helping a friend on his exam at the studio (he was taking a course on Recording Sound Technician of some sort), and he contactad me and my band, cause we could get our song recorded and he his final exam done. Well long story short: The studio got the rights of my song cause they do that on all bands that record for free! This song was then sold and a year or so after, an world known artist with initials L.K. had taken the most part of my song to create his! I never saw a dimecause I dont own my own song anymore! 🙁