View Over 50 TV Channels On Your Wii U

Nintendo is yet to roll out their Tvii project and all we have in the for of entertainment is four media channels, luckily PlayOn is available the Wii U and what’s ever better is that you can get the Subscription service free for a full year.


What Is PlayOn ?

PlayOn brings Hulu (without paying for Hulu Plus!), HBO Go*, CNN, Comedy Central, ESPN and ESPN 3*, Nick, PBS, TLC, Discovery, TBS, BET and over 50 more channels to your Wii U. So, while the native Hulu Plus, Netflix, YouTube and Amazon VOD apps that come with the Wii U are great, if you really want to watch lots of stuff on your Wii U – you need PlayOn! For a limited time, you can get it for FREE — take a look at the offer details on the right. Install PlayOn on your PC and turn your Wii U into a video powerhouse! It’s no wonder PlayOn was named one of the Top 100 New Innovations by Popular Science Magazine.

How to get a free years subscription ?

from your Wii U GamePad to redeem this special offer!

How do i use PlayON on my Wii U ?#
How to use PlayOn on your Wii U

Use your Wii U GamePad to open the internet browser by tapping the blue globe icon at the bottom of the screen (in the middle).
Tap the address bar at the top and browse to:
If you can’t see the browser on your TV, tap the X button to toggle the TV display back on.
From here you can browse the giant library of video content that PlayOn has to offer. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

Here are some tips for the Wii U:
Save PlayOn as a bookmark for easy access in the future. Just press the Y button on the GamePad and tap Add PlayOn. You can edit the bookmark by tapping the arrow to the right of your new PlayOn bookmark. Make sure it points to “”. You can access your bookmarks by tapping your Mii in the corner or when you view the browser’s launch screen (the one with the clock).
If you want to use your TV for something else, you can watch the video on the GamePad . Just turn-up the gamepad’s speakers and turn-off the TV display by pressing the X button.

Download PlayOn PC Software


Here are some image’s i took of the software working on the WiiU, there are some things i would like to note:

  • TV Streams seems to be SD and look better on the Wii U Gamepad as opposed to the TV.
  • You can stream your own personal media collection, but you will need to install VLC.
  • Some of the channels work in US only.
  • I haven’t tested any at this moment, but there are plugins available, that might work on the Wii U, will post back later.









Official PlayON TV Website