[W.i.P.] Sunshell – A Shell For 3DS

Rinnegatamante is working on a replacement shell for the 3DS, which is inspired by Ahman’s PSP shell irShell, here is a quote from the source:

Sunshell - A Shell For 3DS

It’s coded in C and LUA and it provides a modules system.

Any developer can easily add their homebrews (both C and LUA homebrews) to Sunshell modules so their applications will be shown in Sunshell Main Menu.

Sunshell will be provided with some pre-installed modules:

– Videos: A video player which supports JPGV and BMPV videos

– Musics: A music player which supports WAV and AIFF musics

– Photos: A photo viewer which supports JPG, BMP and PNG images

– Filebrowser: A powerfull filebrowser with lot of features.

– Console Info: An info viewer to know some info about your system (Model, Kernel Version, System Version, Mac Address, etc…)

– Mail: A mail sender application

– Calc: A scientific/developers calculator like Windows ones

– CIA Manager: A CIA manager

– Applications: A 3DSX/imported CIA launcher

– Clock: A Cronometer, Countdown and Alarm clock utility

– FTP Server: An FTP Server utility



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